On road trips

When we’re about to go on a road trip, here are he things that go through my head:

1.     What should we make to eat?
2.     Is there an oven, can I bake?
3.     Is there a BBQ, oh wait someone else will take care of that.
4.     Maybe Ash will let me buy that mixed pack of kids cereals to bring along.
5.     I wonder what activities there are to do there.
6.     I should pack a book.
7.     I should also pack my measuring cups and scales and flour.
8.     Maybe we’ll make a whole lemon tart, cinnamon roll cookies and some sort of bread…
9.     We’ll have to pack some board games.
10.  I’ll bring my workout gear just in case even though I’ll probably just use it as loungewear.

My favourite thing about road trips is of course spending time with people I adore, but also being in a situation where I can literally eat till I can’t eat any more. That’s a good situation to be in.

It’s a chance to regroup and reflect. Away from the city lights and the hustle and bustle of every day. A chance to set  a different pace and to smile and laugh at the little things together. A chance to get into those deep conversations with friends, to learn more about each other and remind ourselves that we’re not alone. That everyone goes through the same struggles and heartaches.

What better way to celebrate life than over a plate of cookies? Add a cup of tea and I’m literally in heaven.


Cinnamon Roll Cookies by Olive & Artisan

·       I feel like this is just the perfect treat to get into that Christmas spirit. Warm and comforting, perfect in front of an open fire. Ever so slightly decadent but just the perfect small size to lead you into feeling that you’re still in control.
·       May have used the wrong measuring cup to make the cream cheese dough, resulting in a little bit of refrigerating and wrestling to get these to work. Still tasty, though.

·       Best served with mugs of hot tea and good friends.

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