On a moment of happiness

It was late afternoon, and we had just spent the day doing a few of our favourite things; a bike ride and beer for the boys, a short run and trying new recipes in an unfamiliar kitchen. We met up at a café in Lorne, wandered around the streets and explored a charming book store, then met up again at home in front of the telly-in-a-cabinet to watch the game.

We pulled out the chips, dips, cheese and crackers and I finished off the rest of the garlic bread in the oven. Everyone found a space on the couch or rug and dug in to the snacks. After a few minutes of munching, a gentle quiet descended on us while the game was playing. While C worked on her jigsaw puzzle on one side, I started reading a new book in my corner.

We slowly made our way outside to start dinner. I was sitting on a wooden chair at the table with my gin and tonic and a few of my favourite people on the balcony. D was manning the BBQ, methodically flipping and turning, making sure each mushroom and sausage was sufficiently browned, sufficiently seasoned. Ash and a couple others were standing inside, watching the finals, and building up an appetite. The fire inside was gently smouldering, knowing that its next meal of damp firewood would be due soon. Every now and then, a few cheeky raindrops would grace the pages of my book, only to be shooed away by the sun.

I looked up to be greeted by the sight of my husband and friends and thought to myself, this right here, is perfection.


Garlic Knots by Baker by Nature

·       I haven’t made bread in a while, but boy is it satisfying to knead some dough in the absence of my stand mixer at a weekend away. It’s great to get some help to take turns kneading with a friend and pass the time with some catching up (Thanks, E!).
·       I used bread flour for that satisfying chew, and dried parsley did the trick when fresh wasn’t available at the small supermarket nearby.
·       We baked them individually on a baking tray, but I’ll place them in a square cake tin next time so that they can lean on each other and rise together, creating the soft innards you can only get from pull apart loaves.
·       I do love a good slathering of garlic butter, but half the recipe would be sufficient to get the desired effect.

·       If you decide to brush the rolls with butter before baking, be careful to not get any of the garlic bits on the bread because they will burn in the oven. Save them for afterwards.

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