On vegetables in desserts

Putting vegetables in desserts always gives me a weird sort of thrill. From carrot cake muffins to pink speckled beetroot cake, it’s fun to be able to transform vegetables into delicious baked goods.  

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to bake with pumpkin. Probably because when this time of the year rolls around, our friends on the other side of the world are obsessed with pumpkin spice and everything nice. I had this idea stuck in my head that pumpkin puree was extremely hard to make and so never pursued this curiosity. I was sure that you had to bake it, blend it and then somehow dry it off because the result would be too wet. It was just an extra step that felt too much. If only they sold it in cans in the tinned fruit aisle.

I do have another obsession though, cinnamon scrolls. And when I searched up a recipe, I found one of pumpkin cinnamon scrolls. It was time to make the leap. Turns out, all you need to do is steam the pumpkin. Go figure. Although I do think the end result is slightly more watery than its canned counterpart. Now that I know how easy it is though, there might be a bit of a pumpkin phase coming along.


·       These were an absolute joy to make. I love making bread, especially when it results in a soft, decadent dough like this, and even more when it turns into something more-ishly sweet (but not too sweet!).
·       I left out the pecans in the recipe because a) I didn’t want anything to interrupt the soft gooeyness of the rolls and b) I didn’t have any in my pantry and was too lazy to go and get some.
·       The recipe instructed to use the food processor, but after a while my little stick processor started to overheat and smoke. I would definitely stick to a stand mixer and dough hook, or your bare hands.

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