My Morning Routine Summer 2015

Routine videos are definitely my favourite type of videos on YouTube – especially morning routines. Not being a morning person, I’ve never really had one of my own. I’ve recently decided that my three main priorities are fitness, diet and shelter. When all of these are taken care of, everything else falls into place. I made my morning routine to reflect this so that I can prepare for the rest of the day and be in the right mindset to face the world.

I was inspired to do this after watching Nikki Phillipi’s video, where she explains that your time in the morning is so important and waking up with happiness and purpose is a challenge. During this sacred time, we should spend our energy on the direction that we want our day to go in.

I should put in a disclaimer here, this is not my actual morning routine at the moment but it is what my ideal morning routine looks like and I will work hard to form a habit of it.

Wake up and make bed
Change into gym clothes

Exercise or go for a walk

Eat breakfast, make some tea
Do the dishes, empty dishwasher

Shower and brush teeth
Make up and hair

Pack bag for the day

Do a quick tidy up of the house before I leave for work

A quick note, doing exercise each day makes me stop and be grateful for all that the human body can do and how hard it works for me. It also makes me slow down and mindfully concentrate and focus on something for a certain amount of time. I get to be able to mark my days off with this achievement. Without it, the days slip through my fingers like sand, and time can pass by so easily when we’re not paying attention.

What is most important to you and how will you incorporate it into your morning routine?

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