An Introduction To My #TSO6weekchallenge

I'm starting a 6 week challenge to take advantage of my 6 week break between jobs right now. It feels like I'm on unit holidays again and I'm loving it. Unfortunately from memory, these holidays were filled with late starts, binge watching sit coms and procrastinating where possible.

This is a challenge to finally learn from my mistakes and experience the productive break I've always wanted to have but was always to lazy to get started. My goals include waking up early, exercising daily and using this time to develop more recipes.

The overall goal is to develop myself in this short time as much as possible and use my blog to record my achievements. Super excited to get started - let's see how far we can take this!!

You can follow me on instagram @thesundayoven to see more of what I get up to.

Have you started any challenges lately? Speak to you soon!

PS. This photo was taken on a trip to New Zealand - isn't it lovely!

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