Making a Mess

When I was a kid, and when I was so inclined, I'd make a batch of cupcakes, or cookies, or perhaps a layer cake. I'd make it all from scratch, all the while using every bowl, utensil and gadget at my disposal. When I was finished, I would be delightfully exhausted and settle down for a well earned rest.

When my mum got home, she would not be pleased with what she saw. Who would be, with a kitchen sink and island full of dirty dishes? (Sorry mum, I really do feel bad now.) Her lovely kitchen was suddenly filled with chaos and commotion, and a plate piled with baked goods tucked away in the corner. Luckily, dad understood (probably also because he didn't have to clean it up), he would sympathetically nod and knew that all my energy had been spent baking, so of course I would be tired when it came to the cleaning up part.

These days, I don't have mum to wash the dishes after me. I have Astroboy. Kidding, most of the time, I do some of the dishes now. Not so on this particular night. I gleefully cooked up a storm while he was out watching a bike race, creating piles of dirty dishes wherever I went. I finished cooking, ate my full and then guiltily asked for some help with the washing up when he got home.

This version is less Mac'n'Cheeze and more Mac'n'Creamy Pumpkin according to Ash. It is still very delicious, just a little bit on the sweet side. Next time, I'll try a version with potatoes and carrots as a base.

Yours sincerely,


Recipe Notes: Even though it might look like a small amount of sauce, it does spread across all of the pasta quite nicely. Best eaten on the day of, it gets a bit drier on the proceeding days. I used coco-almond milk in place of the milk. Elbow macaroni is just the absolute funnest type of pasta to eat. 

 I used a recipe by Oh She Glows and you can get it here.

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