Alone time

Astroboy is off to Tasmania this weekend. As it draws nearer, I find myself looking for plans, for someone to spend time with. Sometimes I do it consciously, other times I do it as a response to my anxiousness about being alone. After sending out a few invitations, I remember that life isn't just about having a diary full of appointments. Sometimes you need to step back and make some space. Space to sit and reflect, to tick off a few house keeping tasks, space to simply enjoy being present and in the moment. Space to breathe.

Besides, some of the most magical experiences are the unexpected ones. Even the best laid plans can go awry.

So, at the end of this week, I plan to give myself a small break. Not the type between scheduled meet ups and parties, rushing to do some chores or even snatching a small nap in a wrinkle of time, but the calm, restful type. Hopefully it doesn't end up with me binging on youtube in bed as I am wont to do. My aim is to do some meditation, read a few chapters of a book and maybe do some meal planning for the week.

The hardest part of being along is finding motivation to do things. It's just so much more fun when you share the moments with a friend. Also, the world can seem like a scary place when you don't have someone to hold your hand, and your bedroom can feel like a safe haven. Just keep reminding yourself that the world is filled with both good things and bad, and that you need to face it all to fully experience it.

Being the social creature that I am, it will be hard to let go of the gentle pull of wanting some company. The 2 short days may also end up being filled with friends and busyness despite the very best of intentions. A quiet reminder that being alone isn't always a bad thing, could be just what is needed right now.

Next time you may find yourself alone or have a bit of spare time, make these thumbprint cookies. Instant gratification and super cute as well.

Yours Sincerely,


Recipe Notes: I'm always looking for things I can make and bring over to houses to drink with tea or have as a sweet end to a meal. These cookies are so perfect for that. When grinding the almonds, I took out a couple of the larger pieces so that people wouldn't get a hard surprise. I experimented a bit with the timing, instead of taking them out halfway and filling with jam, I left them in a bit longer (one or two minutes) before adding the jam and adjusted the time accordingly. This made it less likely for the jam to boil over. I found that the cookies didn't brown very much, it might have been the oven, but they still tasted amazing.


  1. Lucky you didn't get locked out while ash was away.
    Ps. This cookies look amazing!

    1. Super lucky! It's funny how you take for granted the simple act of being able to get into your own home. I will make them for you if you ask!!