Exercise Motivation: 4 Week Challenge

The hardest part of exercising for me is falling into a comfortable routine. Sometimes I get into that headspace where I don't feel great so the sudden urge to exercise takes over and I go for 5 days straight and feel great. So great, in fact, that going to the gym for the next three weeks feels redundant...leaving me feeling flabby. Gym is suddenly the best place to be for a week but then it gets boring again and so the vicious cycle continues. 

To try to combat this, the Four Week Challenge was created. Details as follows:

The aim: to go to the gym. That's it. Nice and simple. Working out at home/outdoor runs are also acceptable
Frequency: 5/7 days a week, with the aim of 20 sessions by the end of the 4 weeks (so if you have a bad week you can still finish the challenge)
Reward: whatever you you'd like to treat yourself with. My reward is a pair of new Nike runners. K's reward is a beautiful dress from Wheels and Doll Baby

The point is to fall into a habit of going into the gym, motivation is what gets you started but habit is the thing that will keep you going. My aim is to do enough of these challenges to create a habit. You can make a checklist like the one above easily enough in Excel. Mine is stuck on the Winter version of my pin board at the moment.

Hopefully this inspires you to get moving regularly too (and use that gym membership more!)

Thanks so much for reading, 

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