A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

- Lao Tzu

Post run, full of endorphins and hoping that the cool change will cool me down in front of an open door, I thought this would be the perfect time to type up a blog post. Ash had to practically drag me kicking and whining through the muggy weather and up the cement hills for our run after work today. It's funny how we go through so much turmoil and pain in the thick of the moment, fighting fatigue and wondering why my right calf decides to seize up that way, only to find the greatest sense of calm 5 seconds after you finish. These days I find tricking myself into believing a workout will be easy is the best way to get myself to change into workout gear and get going.

New year resolutions come and go every year. A moment in time we mark with reflection and optimism. If only every day could start the same way, with that same hopeful feeling, but then it wouldn't be a novelty. I have nothing against resolutions. I see no harm and only joy in people wanting to make a positive change in their lives. I know I always come up with a list every year, almost compulsively so.

The main one this time is to focus on the journey, not the goal. Focus on the small habits and the tiny decisions made every single day, knowing that I am learning something every step of the way and being grateful for all the little moments I am lucky to be a part of. Part of this is using my time more meaningfully and trying my best to not waste it away on zombie activities. This thought has been further strengthened after reading Leo's article today on zen habits, Filter Out the Noise

This year, I've incorporated more baking, yoga and exercise into my timetable, as well as time for more reading and writing. I currently think that the more time you spend planning, the more space there is to move. It takes the guesswork out of things. So I'm going to put that to the test and see what happens. It's definitely going to be a big year, and it all starts with a single step.

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