Weekly Notes #2

A little bit behind schedule but here we go!
  • The Keep It Sweet Melbourne girls and I had brunch at Milk Jamm to plan for the Melbourne High Formal Candy Buffet. It went stunningly last night and we should have pictures up on our FaceBook Page soon. So nostalgic being at a formal again and slightly sad that I was never asked to the Melbourne High one!
  • Also had brunch at Barber Shop with the boyfriend. I recommend the Bonjour breakfast board
  • Sunday Roasts are Awesome with a capital A. We put two chickens into the oven and roasted a bunch of vegies in lieu of our usual kettle BBQ routine at Mervin's and it was pretty darn good. Adam did a spectacular carving job and the G rated line of the night goes to Mykel. "It was the longest movie ever." "How long did it go for?" "If I had to hazard a guess I'd say about 32 hours" (Paraphrased) (Maybe you had to be there) (Transformers 3)
  • As part of the exercise challenge I sometimes do a Ballet Barre workout DVD at home. Roped in Ash, my personal trainer/not a dancer this week and safe to say it was a hilarious experience. At least now he knows how hard it is
  • It's strawberry season!
  • Made a huge batch of Konnyaku Jelly (I buy an instant version at the Asian Grocery) which I studded with Lychee and Jackfruit and my family ate it all week
  • Started watching The Dreamhouse on ABC iView because the lovely Kate grew up with Kirk, one of the housemates. I think it's a super great initiative and hope that it ends successfully
  • Two words: Fro-yo
What did you guys get up to?

Thanks so much for reading,
xx Jen

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