My Travel Skincare Bag: Sonia's Birthday Bash

Last weekend was just fantastic. Great company, great food, great venues, I could do with a few less pimples post-amazing weekend, but I guess you can't have everything. Sonia's party was a hit. I'm so lucky to be friends with such an amazing girl, and even more grateful for the people I've met through her. The night was filled with heartfelt speeches, awesome music, a trivia game and purple everywhere.

The other day I posted up a picture of some cupcake papers and glitter, as you might have guessed, they were for the cupcakes I made for Sonia's 21st. I forgot to take a picture of the finished product but hopefully someone else did!

Following the party we spent the weekend at a hotel staying awake till the small hours of the morning playing card games, doing burpees, eating cupcakes and singing Taylor Swift songs. We had dinner at Chin Chin where the food was good, but not amazing after spending so long waiting for a table. They do not take reservations for under 10 or over 12 people and you cannot put your name onto the waiting list until all the people having dinner are present. Nevertheless, the service was super excellent, with the waitress constantly refilling our glasses of water after eating a spicy papaya salad. Then KFC for a late dinner or "lunch" as James called it as it was our second meal of the day.

Bel brought her X-Box for the boys to play FIFA '11 and the girls to play Dance Central. The game is rigged because more often than not the second player will win the dance because they got to watch the first player do it. It was still a fun night regardless with a game or two of deadly Black Jack and alcohol mixed in (deadly for the dealer if they lost as they had to take a drink for each person who beat them). Unfortunately, all weekends come to an end however awesome they are, so we ended on a happy note with Yum Cha in the city.

I decided to go make up free for the weekend and packed along just skin care products and one solitary blush in Orgasm by Nars. My skin type is super dry and very sensitive due to my eczema. Here are the things I brought along with me:

This cream is amazing for the dry, dry winter months we've been having in Melbourne. It takes a while to absorb but it doesn't sting my face unless it is extremely dry and sensitive.
I don't usually use wipes but I use them when I travel, it helps get the make up off much faster. These are also very gentle and are not the best for taking up all my makeup so I do need to cleanse afterwards. The good thing about them is that they do not sting or react to my face in anyway, unlike the Yes To Cucumbers facial wipes do.
I love love love this cleanser. Cannot say enough good things about it. It never leaves my face dry or tight feeling and takes off face make up relatively well with a double cleanse. The matching toner on the other hand dries out my face which is strange because it has no alcohol in it.
I received this as a product sample in a Lust Have It box a couple of months ago. I was super excited to receive it as so many beauty gurus talk about this. The hype is very well worth it in my opinion as it feels just like water, but the price is the main deterrent from repurchasing a full size bottle. Lately I've been using plain old olive oil to remove my eye make-up so I'll probably refill it with that once this little bottle runs out.
Super popular lip product in Melbourne (all of Australia even?). Softens lips pretty much instantly and is the only thing Ash will use when he has chapped lips. I use this mainly at night because my hair tends to stick to it during the day.
Thin formula great for topping over a moisturiser without SPF. It's sunscreen. It goes on my face. I don't react to it. That's pretty much it.
Another sample with a Bellabox I received a few months ago. It kind of feels like an ointment and I'm not sure what ingredients are in it, or if it even does anything to my eyes. But it smells really nice, like a peppermint lolly, so I like using it before sleeping.
My favourite ever. They don't slip out of my slippery hair even when I go for a run or go through a busy shift at work.

Not pictured: Dove Deodorant and round cotton make-up pads. 

What do you like to pack when you go travelling on an overnight trip?

From Jen.

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